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ACFIM is the vanguard organization for promoting transparency and accountability in financing electoral campaigns and political parties as one of the ways of contributing towards building electoral integrity in Uganda. Membership of the alliance covers 52 districts with a targeted growth in coverage of up to 70% of the country by 2021. Read more


A society where political leaders are responsive and accountable to citizens.


To contribute towards building electoral integrity by promoting transparency and accountability in financing of political and electoral processes through research, civic engagement, monitoring and advocating for reforms.

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Monitoring financing of electoral campaigns and political parties is the cardinal work of ACFIM


Commercialisation of politics and vote buying have inverted the relationship between voters (principals) and their elected leaders (agents). We strive to empower people to make a causal link between commercialized politics, vote buying, corruption, and poor service delivery.


Temptation to use state resources may be difficult for the political party in power to resist. Reports from international and local election observers indicate that the line between the State and the political party in government is blurred in a sense that one cannot be separated from the other.


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