Guide to Rio De Janeiro

There are many good companies that will provide you with a luxury Roxy train tour that includes a visit to some of the most popular sites in Rio de Janeiro. A lot of people like to take a private tour guide in Rio de Janeiro to see everything that there is to see in this city. This is especially true if you are interested in sight seeing the sites one by one.

Rio De Janeiro Private Tour Guide

Sugar Loaf was once the capital of Brazil, but it was bankrupt in the year 1996 and it was bought by another company. The company allowed the old sugar loaf sign to be re-installed on the corner of the road, and it now has the name of “Sugar Loaf.” You can get a private tour guide in Rio de Janeiro, to help you see this place and more. The main site that you can visit with your guided tour guide in Rio de Janeiro is the Sugar Loaf Plaza, which is right in the middle of the promenade.

You can also visit the carnival which is held every year during the beginning of June, right before Rio gets dark. If you do not care for a guided tour in Rio de Janeiro and do not want to spend time walking around the carnival area, you can just take a cab or a hot ride to your hotel, and you will get to see all of the fun in Rio that evening. There are many more sites to see in Rio de Janeiro that a guided tour can not cover, so you need to check out the official tourist site on the internet for more information about everything that you are going to see in Rio de Janeiro.

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