Quality Education at an Early Learning Centre


The Early Learning Centre is an established British retail chain that sells interactive toys aimed particularly at younger kids. It’s part of The Entertainer, a well known British children’s toy company. It was once a joint venture of Maternity Care until its latest incarnation. It targets younger children and is geared towards those with a desire for learning or fun. For an infant baby through to toddlers and their uncles and aunts, the Early Learning Centre has a lot of interactive toys that can engage the little minds.

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A typical day at an early learning centre might start with a pre-prepared meal (breakfast and juice in the UK), tea and cake. Then there will be fun activities, like an elephant hunt or a wooden building that children can design themselves. The Maternity Care brand also have infant wear and maternity bedding. Infant baby bedding is really high quality and comes in a range of soft and cosy designs. Other baby items include: mobiles, rattles, rocking chairs and high quality mobiles and snoozies. Other accessories for the nursery, including crib mobiles, are also available from the same company.

Some Early Learning Centres has recently started offering child-friendly premises for evenings and weekends as well as full time education. These are generally smaller, more personalised services aimed specifically at parents who have young children. They often have a very laid back, relaxed atmosphere. Some have a focus on arts and crafts or even on food (there are quite a few cafes and restaurants around). There’s also the option of getting involved in local charities, particularly where your child is enrolled at a kindergarten or Early Childhood Centre.

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