Timber Decking Sydney – Things you need to know

timber decking sydney

What exactly is Timber Decking Sydney? Timber Decking is a composite wood product consisting of a combination of wood fibers bonded together. The end result is an extremely durable and visually appealing product. It is also a low maintenance product, which makes it the ideal for residential and commercial applications alike.


What makes Timber Decking so attractive is the way it is crafted and installed. The individual pieces are joined together with high-tech epoxy systems using a heat-rolling method which makes Timber Decking highly resistant to water, rotting, and warping. As a result, the material can be left floating during the winter and then installed into position when spring weather arrives. Not only does this allow users of Timber Decking Sydney to enjoy these benefits year round, but it also allows them to install it without a hassle, even in inclement weather.


Some may wonder if treated pine timber decking will withstand harsher outdoor conditions. In fact, many of the manufacturers of Timber Decking Sydney have designed their products to be UV treated so that the color will not fade. UV treated decking will remain bright and retain its beauty year after year, even in the most humid conditions.

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