What You Should Know About Home Insurance in Myrtle Beach

Home Insurance Myrtle Beach

Home Insurance is necessary, whether you are living in Myrtle Beach or just driving down the highway. This is because each and every homeowner is required to have homeowners insurance. Property damage can be caused by a fire, a burst pipe, a falling tree branch, wind, hail, or even vandalism. With all these natural disasters that hit our area every year, it is not surprising that more people are taking the time to secure their property and belongings with a home insurance policy.


Home insurance policies are divided into three categories: owner occupied dwelling, renters or non-owner occupied dwelling, and other. The first two categories cover your dwelling as if it were your own, while the others only cover your personal property. For example, your insurance policy may protect your house, car, and other personal property if you should die, be injured, or lose everything that you own through theft, fire, or other natural disasters. There are many different insurance companies that provide property and casualty insurance in Myrtle Beach, so it pays to shop around for the best deal.


While there is no standard of what constitutes “home” per se, Myrtle Beach homeowners insurance companies usually consider the structure, land, and other fittings inside of your house to be part of your property. In other words, if you had a swimming pool, garage, or any other additions to your house that can be considered part of your property, those items will be included in the price of your insurance policy. If you want to reduce the cost of your insurance premium, make sure that your home meets all of the requirements for insurance coverage. Many times a simple change in the way that your house is constructed can lower your insurance premium considerably.

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